Le Mirador de Siurana est un endroit magnifique qui vaut le détour. Vous devez payer un stationnement de quelques euros, mais la vue de la vallée à partir de ce belvédère est vertigineuse et le petit village médiéval est très accueillant. Allez-y!

Mirador de Siurana

Mot de l'endroit...
Come to Siurana and you will discover a tale village that leads to skin the memory of endless harassments and impossible conquests. Located in an unassailable position over the river were needed knights of four counties to conquer it. The castle defended a frontier, which went from the hill "Coll de Balaguer" to Tamarit de Gaià. Conquered in 1153, after the defeat of Lleida and Tortosa, was the last bastion of the reconquest of Catalunya. If you look the cliff, you will guess why it was not conquered in three hundred years and why the end was so tragic. Abdelazia, the Moorish queen, decided to jump down the cliff with her horse rather than being captured by the Christians. The animal in its last resistance in vain left on the rock, by the rest of the history, the footprint of the horseshoe. And with it, disappeared the last Saracen bastion of Catalunya.